Huffington Post: This Is What A Serious Gun Violence Policy Would Look Like

A serious debate over gun policy is underway in the aftermath of last week’s massacre in Florida, and one focus is the federal background check system ― a system that has existed for 20 years but which, by almost all accounts, isn’t doing enough to deter would-be killers from buying firearms.

Breitbart: NRA Raises More than Double Three Biggest Gun Control Groups Combined

April donations to the NRA’s Political Victory Fund were over 2.5 times higher than donations to the three biggest gun control PACs combined.
Federal Election Commission filings show the NRA’s PAC took received $1,852,323.28 in donations. While that is roughly $600,000 less than the $2.4 million they raised in March, it is still many times higher than the amount given to the nation’s largest gun control PACs.

The Guardian: Florida shooting survivors are fighting back. Here's what they need to know about gun control

The students who survived a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school are aiming to reshape America’s gun control debate.
“You’re either with us or against us,” senior Emma González told politicians on Sunday, following a viral speech to gun control advocates the day before when she promised, “We are going to be the last mass shooting.”

Western Journal: Calif. School: Student ‘Promoting Violence’ by Wearing Pro-2nd Amendment Shirt

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A California high school questioned a student after he attempted to wear a pro-gun rights flag to a pro-Second Amendment walkout.

South Pasadena High School student Charles Li tried to wear a “Come and Take It” flag depicting an AR-15, Campus Reform reported Tuesday.

Administrators pulled Li aside to question him about it, with one reportedly asserting it violated the school’s code of conduct.

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